Thank You B4!

This morning we got a fantastic surprise in the mail. Our friends, Mrs. McKenzie and the students in B4, sent us a very special package. We want to thank them for the wonderful book and beautiful bookmark! It was such a huge surprise.

The book is called After Dark: Creatures of the New Zealand Forest. We loved the pictures of all the animals, that it rhymes, that it is a guessing game, and that we got to learn so many cool facts! We hadn’t even heard of most of the animals in the book. We also loved that everyone in the class signed the book.

This book is going to be a very popular addition to our class library!

Here are some of the things we are wondering and want to find out more about:
Jordan-I would like to know how many kakapos are left in New Zealand. Are they endangered?
Sophie-I was wondering how many kiwi birds are in New Zealand. I am also wondering how big they are?
Niall-I was wondering how the kiwi bird got its name. Is it because it kind of looks like a kiwi fruit?
Quang- I think it is cool that the kiwi doesn’t have any wings or a tail. I didn’t know that there were birds without wings!
Justin-I am wondering why kiwi birds have such long beaks.
Lily-I am wondering how big the forest gecko is. I think it is cool that he has no eyelids.
Dante-How many New Zealand animals are endangered?
Sahara-Are there a lot of forest geckos in New Zealand? I think it is cool that they can shed their tail and grow one back!
Fay-I am wondering how the kauri snail doesn’t hurt his own mouth with his tongue being covered in thousands of tiny sharp teeth…OUCH!
Silkence-I think it is cool that the gecko doesn’t lay eggs, but gives birth to live young.
Ana-Do giant wetas get in your houses at night? I would scream if I found one in my bed!
Kennedy-Why does the Archey’s frog not like the water? How do the tadpoles survive without being in water?
Oceana- Why does the Archey’s frog carry tadpoles on his back?
Karin-I am wondering how the kauri snail got his name.

We can’t thank B4 and Mrs. McKenzie enough! We’ll read it again and again and again!

2 thoughts on “Thank You B4!

  1. Dear Mrs Watson and 2/3s
    We’re so glad that you like the book, we thought you might because you have a forest behind your school, and also because you all like to read!
    It’s a book that we really enjoy as well.
    Perhaps the B4 children will be able to help you find out some of the answers to your excellent questions. We will print them out and see what we can find.

    Happy reading!

    from Mrs McKenzie and B4

  2. Dear Mrs. Watson and the 2/3s,

    Wow! What a great surprise! It’s always fun receiving mail, especially from someone so far away!

    What were some of the different animals that you learned about in the book? What type of animals do you have that you think they might night have in New Zealand?

    That’s a book I might have to check out!

    Your Quad Blogging buddy,
    Mr. Avery

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