A New Game

The Parent Advisory Council recently purchased a lot of new gym equipment for our school. Mrs. Watson added new scooters and short sticks to the list for a fun new game we had never played before. Yesterday we had a chance to try it out and boy was it a lot of fun. We can’t wait to play again!

Have you ever played Scooter Hockey before?

9 thoughts on “A New Game

  1. I need some of those scooters, could you post a link for the supplier please? What a fantastic hall you have! However I guess we must all take advantage of what we have. I’ve been thinking about the kids in Christchurch and now Japan, we must learn from every day. If you set a camera on a tripod and took some lapse time images, you might get some nice artwork from your scooters?
    Another delightful post … I bet you had tired legs!

    Mr E

  2. Dear Mr. E,
    The scooters really are a lot of fun. I must admit that I have been known to go for a zip around the gym myself. Here is a link to the company we got the scooters from and the sticks as well http://bit.ly/fvJsKp .I have never played around with time lapse photography before…might be something new to try!

    You couldn’t be more right about appreciating each day and learning from it. Our thoughts are with all of the people faced with difficult times as well.

    Hope you can track down some scooters for your school. They are definitely a favourite activity for our students.

    Mrs. W

  3. Dear Mrs Watson
    We have new equipment too but Miss Esnouf ordered it.
    Did you get the equipment the same day?

    from Tyla and Kayden

  4. It looks like a great game, but it should be supervised by adults in case someone gets hurt. You could get your hand run over, but it still looks fun.=)

  5. That looks fun. We played uni hoc at our P.E lessons except we weren’t on scooters with short sticks! I really want to play now after seeing your video.

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