Almost Time for the Tortoise and the Hare!

Missoula Children’s Theatre (MCT) will be arriving at the school Monday morning.  The students will audition for parts and then will spend the week rehearsing so that they will be ready to share the musical with the community Friday evening and Saturday afternoon.  This will be our eighth year working with MCT.

In honour of this year’s production, the Tortoise vs. the Hare, we did a little tortoise inspired art on Friday. We used many different types of lines to create these Zentangle Tortoises.

Snow Please!

The last art class before Christmas break, the students created these beautiful snowy scenes (click on each image to see the full picture).  We are all hoping for snow and look at the weather forecast eagerly each morning.

Yesterday morning we got our wish for snow and took the crazy carpets outside at recess to take advantage of it.  There was only a small dusting, but we made the most of it!



Merry Ho! Ho! Ho!

These Santas are ready for Christmas Eve!



Let it Snow!

The K/1/2/3’s latest creations are beautiful winter landscapes. This art lesson focused on creating tints and shades. The students started by mixing blue and white to make tints of blue for the background. Next they used white and black to make various tints and shades of green for their trees. After their papers were dry, they cut out their trees and painted on the snowy ground. The final step was to create their forests and add detail with chalk. You can click on the images below to see them full-sized.




The first signs of Christmas are decking our halls. The students enjoyed this directing drawing lesson on Friday. We think the Reindeer are picture perfect (you can click on each image to see it full sized)!

Halloween Spiders

After reading, The Very Busy Spider, by Eric Carle, we decided to make some busy spiders of our own. We started by making our backgrounds practicing our colour mixing.  Next we created our spiders with black construction paper.  We added details using oil pastels.  Finally, we made our webs and added our spiders.

A Scary (or not so scary) Art Project

The students spent our last art class learning all about line. We started by practicing all sorts of different kinds of lines.  Students then picked their favourites and drew them on their paper using different colours of oil pastels.

Next the students used a paint wash technique to fill in the spaces between their lines.  They noticed that the paint resisted the oil pastel. Finally, we created our monsters.  The students really let their imaginations run wild.

Meet our monsters…

Pumpkin Night

The K/1/2/3s finished the art project they started on Friday and we think they turned out terrific! The students cut out their paintings and mounted them on black paper.  Next, they added a moon, stars, and some highlights.  Finally, they used green chalk to add vines to their works of art.


Pumpkin Magic

We love art in K/1/2/3 and today we did a little pumpkin magic.  We painted these pumpkins, leaves, and stems using only the three primary colours: yellow, blue, and red.  Everyone did an amazing job of mixing colours!  Watch next week for the finished products after we cut them out and add them to a night sky.