Missoula Children’s Theatre Week

The students had a great time with Missoula Children’s Theatre (MCT) last week. This year’s directors, Britini and Charlie, were fantastic with the students and made this an experience to remember!

The week started Monday morning with auditions in the gym. The students did some line reading, singing, and dancing and within about 90 minutes all the parts for the play had been cast.  There was a lot of excitement as the different roles were announced.

Throughout the rest of the week there were morning and afternoon rehearsals, as well as two workshops that the primary class got to participate in.  On Tuesday, they took part in an acting workshop where they learned about the basic tools of an actor’s trade – observation, memorization, concentration, and imagination. The students participated in a variety of fun exercises, learning to apply the actor’s tools to both performing and everyday life.

On Thursday, the whole school went to the stage make-up workshop.  This is a favourite each year. Corrective, character and special effects makeup for the theatre are demonstrated on student volunteers.

Friday was a big day for the students. They got to see their costumes and had a great dress rehearsal before the big show. They also got to stay at school instead of going home at the end of the day and had a fantastic pizza dinner provided by our school PAC.

The Friday night show and the Saturday matinee were both very well attended. We would like to thank our amazing parents and community for all their support, and for making MCT possible each year!

Almost Time for the Tortoise and the Hare!

Missoula Children’s Theatre (MCT) will be arriving at the school Monday morning.  The students will audition for parts and then will spend the week rehearsing so that they will be ready to share the musical with the community Friday evening and Saturday afternoon.  This will be our eighth year working with MCT.

In honour of this year’s production, the Tortoise vs. the Hare, we did a little tortoise inspired art on Friday. We used many different types of lines to create these Zentangle Tortoises.

A Poppy is to Remember

This week’s art inspiration came from our discussions about Remembrance Day. The students began their landscapes by mixing shades of blue for the sky and making several colours of green using blue and yellow.

Next, the students added poppies.  We talked about perspective and how the poppies that are further away would be smaller.

We think the finished products are stunning and we hope you like them too!


Wild Heart with Joey Clarkson

Today was our final Wild Heart session with Joey Clarkson. We have had a great time singing and some of us have even worked on writing our own songs. Here is a video of us singing the song a group of the intermediate students wrote. There is also a short clip of a second song another group wrote. We hope Joey can come back again next year! Have you ever written a song before?