Missoula Children’s Theatre Week

The students had a great time with Missoula Children’s Theatre (MCT) last week. This year’s directors, Britini and Charlie, were fantastic with the students and made this an experience to remember!

The week started Monday morning with auditions in the gym. The students did some line reading, singing, and dancing and within about 90 minutes all the parts for the play had been cast.  There was a lot of excitement as the different roles were announced.

Throughout the rest of the week there were morning and afternoon rehearsals, as well as two workshops that the primary class got to participate in.  On Tuesday, they took part in an acting workshop where they learned about the basic tools of an actor’s trade – observation, memorization, concentration, and imagination. The students participated in a variety of fun exercises, learning to apply the actor’s tools to both performing and everyday life.

On Thursday, the whole school went to the stage make-up workshop.  This is a favourite each year. Corrective, character and special effects makeup for the theatre are demonstrated on student volunteers.

Friday was a big day for the students. They got to see their costumes and had a great dress rehearsal before the big show. They also got to stay at school instead of going home at the end of the day and had a fantastic pizza dinner provided by our school PAC.

The Friday night show and the Saturday matinee were both very well attended. We would like to thank our amazing parents and community for all their support, and for making MCT possible each year!

Voices for the Salish Sea

Voices for the Salish Sea

Yesterday morning the students were treated to the first ABC performance of the year. The computer lab was filled with song as, The Wilds and Tiller’s Folly joined forces in a celebration of songs and stories about the Salish Sea, its beauty, history, ecology and culture. Their goal is to entertain, engage, educate and promote a sense of pride, awareness, advocacy and stewardship for the unique ecosystem that is our Salish Sea. The students enjoyed the music and even had parts to sing.  What a great way to start the day!

Accordion Performance

Today we had a surprise visitor. We would like to thank Tosha, for introducing us to Lorie and arranging for her to share her love of music and the accordion with us. Lorie is from Washington and has been playing the accordion for more than 50 years! She shared several wonderful songs with us. We couldn’t help but clap and tap along. We even got to do the Chicken Dance and a march around the gym to a song that Lorie called the Malcolm Island March. We hope that Lorie will be able to come back again in the future. For those of you that weren’t able to make it to the performance here is a little taste of what you missed:

Have you ever tried to play the accordion? Do you play any instruments?

Fire Safety

Today, we had a special visit from the Sointula Volunteer Fire Department. Glen, Jason and Tyler talked to us about fire safety. We learned all about the importance of having a fire safety plan at home. The students will be bringing home a booklet you can use for making your plan if you don’t already have one. We also talked about smoke alarms (don’t forget to check them every month) and fire extinguishers.

The K/1/2/3s would like to share some fire safety tips with you:
Sierra-If you are on fire, Stop, Drop, and Roll and cover your eyes and mouth.
Storm-If you call, “Help, help!” they will come.
Hilary-Don’t hide or the firemen won’t know where you are. You should yell.
Caleb-Always test the smoke alarm.
Kaleigh-Don’t go near where the fire is.
Cherish-If there is a fire and there is no way to get out, feel the door and if it is hot just wait for the firemen.
Mackenzie-Remember to put wet stuff under the door, move away and cover you mouth and breathe through it.
Owain-Always have a fire safety plan.
Owen-Duck so the smoke doesn’t get near you.
Alexandra-Never leave your meeting spot.
Ava-Always, when there is a fire, be very careful because there might be fire in the house.
Mya-Check smoke alarms at least once a month.
Eli-Sometimes if the door is hot or blocked go out the window.
Star-Be careful in the kitchen.
Kaydan-Never ever pull the fire alarm at school unless there is a fire.

Professor Banjo

On April 16th we were treated to another ABC performance.  This time, we were lucky enough to have Professor Banjo visit the school.  Professor Banjo played banjo, guitar, harmonic, washboard, and even a pair of spoons!  We got to sing and dance along to some of the songs and at the end we got a chance to try the washboard and the spoons.




Do you play an instrument?

A Surprise Visit!

This morning, just before recess, Constable Gary and Constable Chris stopped by the school for a visit. We had a wonderful time learning about them and their jobs as police officers. We got to ask them all sorts of questions and we even got to try on their vests. Towards the end of our visit one of the students suggested they come out to play at recess, and guess what…they did!

Mya- I like how they let us put on their vests and they showed us where they worked and lived.
Koa-I liked how they stayed for quite a while and showed us where they have gone and how long it takes to get there. Constable Chris has been a police officer as long as I have been alive.
Sierra-I liked getting to see the police and playing games with them.
Zinnia-I really liked when Kaydan wore the vest. It was so funny.
Alexandra-I like how they told us where they lived.
Melliah-I liked how they surprised us and told us about some places they worked. They let us wear their vests. I liked that they played tag with us outside.
Rosemary-I loved that they came and taught us about where they lived.
Owain-I thought it was cool that Constable Gary worked in Nunavut.
Owen-It was cool when they showed us their bullet-proof vests.

Thanks so much for spending time with us. We sure hope you will come back to visit again soon!

Missoula Children’s Theatre

Today was the first day of our week with Missoula Children’s Theatre, and boy was it a busy and fun morning! It is hard to believe but by Friday evening we will have a full musical ready to share with our friends, families and the community.

Take a peek at the auditions:

We hope to see everyone Friday evening at 6:30 or Saturday afternoon at 2:00!

Devon Wells Bluegrass

On Wednesday we were treated to a musical performance in the computer lab. The devon Wells Bluegrass trio visited our school to share some fast picking banjo, guitar, and bass playing. They also had a few surprise instruments to share with us as well. Students were invited to participate in a few of the songs and had a great time guessing the titles of the songs included in the medley near the end.

If you weren’t able to join us, you can get a little taste of the performance in this video:

Which song was your favourite? Do you play an instrument?