Our First Swimming Lesson

The K/1/2/3s had an amazing first day of swimming this morning! The sun was shining, the water was warm, and there were smiles all around. The students sure did a lot of learning on day 1!

Thank you to the parents who were able to come and help us out. We can’t wait for our next swimming day!

Bus Safety

We had a great Monday in K/1/2/3! We started the day with a Bus Safety field trip, learned how to use a fun new computer program, did some math, finished our self portraits (pictures to come soon), and ended the day playing with the parachute in the gym.

Here are some of the things we learned from Andrea our bus driver:
Jorja-If there is an accident, like a crash on the bus, you don’t freak out. You just get out.
Sierra-When you are out of the bus make sure you look both ways in case there is a car.
Bronwen-If there is a bus crash you can go out the back, but make sure there are big kids to help the little kids.
Owen-Don’t jump out of the school bus when the driver is driving.
Kezra-When you are going across the road, wait until Andrea nods her head, then look both ways before crossing, and then get on the bus.
Cherish-When the bus is moving don’t get out of your seat.
Aydan-Stay in your seat.
Linden-When the bus driver is driving don’t scream. If there is a problem don’t panic, stay calm, and get out as quick as you can.
Mya-If the bus driver is driving don’t get out of your seat. You should be quiet.

It was a great day!

A New Playground Game

We have been learning so much from our global friends through the Our World, Our Stories project that we are a part of. This week Mrs. Yollis’ class posted a great video of her students playing a fantastic game called Bamboo. We had heard of Bamboo when we Quad Blogged with a class from her school last year, but couldn’t quite imagine just how to play it.

Here is the video Mrs. Yollis and her students posted on the Our World, Our Stories Blog:

We couldn’t wait for the rain to stop so we could get outside and give Bamboo a try. Unfortunately our bars are a little too tall, but that didn’t stop us from playing. Kennedy, Sophie, Karin, and Ana made a few changes to the game and decided to call our version Switch.

Here is a video of our new game, Switch:

Thank you to Mrs. Yollis and her students for sharing such a great game with us! Maybe they will give Switch a try too.

What kinds of playground games do you like to play at your school?

Parents and families, what games do you remember playing when you were in elementary school?

Swimming Fun Day

Today was our final swim lesson. We always finish up our lessons with a fun day and invite our parents and younger siblings to join us. We had a great time jumping off the diving board, shooting down the slide, diving for rings, and playing with the pool toys.

We’re all looking forward to more swimming this summer!

Skipping Tricks

A few weeks ago our friend Mr. E and the students at Hawes Community Primary School made a great post on their blog about playground games.  Their post inspired us to hit the tennis court with ropes in hand.

The  2/3’s all have their own skipping ropes at school and have been practicing their skipping skills for the last couple weeks. We thought it would be fun to share some of the tricks we have learned so far.

What is your favourite skipping trick?

We would love to see videos of our blogging buddies doing some tricks of their own so that we can learn more!

A New Game

The Parent Advisory Council recently purchased a lot of new gym equipment for our school. Mrs. Watson added new scooters and short sticks to the list for a fun new game we had never played before. Yesterday we had a chance to try it out and boy was it a lot of fun. We can’t wait to play again!

Have you ever played Scooter Hockey before?