Provincial Symbols Wanted!

Today we Skyped with Mr. Avery’s class and found out that Massachusetts has a lot of state symbols that we don’t have. We decided to think of our own provincial symbols and thought we would put a poll on our blog to help us decide which would be the best choice.

Please help us decide by looking at our choices for each category and then voting for the one that you think would best represent British Columbia.

Provincial Dog Suggestions

Golden retriever-because they help people.
Pointer-to help you find things.
German Shepherd-because the police use them.
British Bulldog-because it has the word “British” in it just like British Columbia.
Black Lab- because they are loyal.



Provincial Dessert Suggestions

Fruit Salad-because fruit is healthy and we grow a lot of fruit in BC.
Pumpkin Pie-because pumpkins are healthy, delicious, and lots of people grow them.
Blueberry cake-because its initials are BC just like British Columbia.
Nanaimo Bars-because they were invented in Nanaimo, a city in our province.
Apple Pie-because we grow a lot of apples in British Columbia

Provincial Insect Suggestions

Beetle- because B is for British Columbia.
Bee-because B is for British Columbia.
Monarch Butterfly-because we have Monarchs in BC.
Ladybug-because they have spots and they can fly.
Mosquito-because we have lots and lots in BC.


20 thoughts on “Provincial Symbols Wanted!

  1. Hello Mrs Watson and class,
    What an interesting post you have published.
    When I saw Mrs Watson’s tweet about the post I was expecting the symbols that you wanted to be for a BC floral, fauna, bird or rock symbol. I didn’t even think of a symbol for a dog, insect or dessert!
    Here in Victoria, Australia we don’t have many state symbols either which we call emblems. We have the Leadbeater’s Possum as our animal emblem, the Helmeted Honeyeater as our bird emblem and the Common Heath as our floral emblem.
    What provincial symbols do you have for British Columbia?
    from Mrs W

    • Dear Mrs. W.
      We were also surprised when Mr. Avery’s class told us about all the different state symbols they had. We searched to see if we had the same categories and when we couldn’t find any we thought voting for our own would be fun. We are really excited about all the votes we got. You can see pictures of our official symbols under the “Our Province” link at the top of our blog. We are going to Google some of your emblems because we have never heard of them before. Thanks so much for sharing them with us!

      Mrs. W and the 2/3’s

  2. Dear Mrs. Watson and the 2/3s,

    We loved your idea to vote for the different provincial symbols. We voted as a class and decided what we thought would be the best symbols for British Columbia.

    We voted for a black lab. We thought that they made good retrievers and are very loyal. We also thought that they would enjoy going in the water because you live on an island and would like to go on the hiking trails.

    For the dessert, we voted for apple pie. We noticed that it said you grow a lot of apples in British Columbia. We also LOVE apple pie!

    For the provincial insect, a lot of us wanted to vote for mosquitoes but more voted for the monarch butterfly. We thought the monarch butterfly is a pretty butterfly. You also said that you have them in Sointula!

    We can’t wait to find out what the final results are!

    Your quad blogging buddies,
    Mr. Avery’s class

    • Dear Mr. Avery’s Class,
      Thank you so much for the inspiration to pick some new provincial symbols! It was so much fun coming up with ideas for the different categories. We think you have some excellent reasons for your choices. We are looking forward to seeing the final results too. We’ll have to add them to our “Our Province” page 🙂

      Mrs. W and the 2/3’s

  3. Hello Mrs. Watson and the 2/3’s. What a fantastic idea to choose provincial symbols. I can’t wait to see what the results will be. I will have my class vote on Monday. We have many state symbols for Connecticut including the following: robin – bird; mountain laurel – flower; sperm whale – animal; insect – praying mantis; tree – white oak; ship – USS Nautilis; tall ship – schooner Amistad; and the list goes on and on! Here is a great link for you to explore that will give you the symbols of many states and the nation for the US.

    I will be checking back soon for the results!
    Mrs. Yammine

    • Dear Mrs. Yammine,
      Thank you so much for leaving us a comment and for having your class vote on our new provincial symbols. You sure do have a lot of state symbols! We thought it was really cool that your state symbol is the praying mantis! Thanks for the great link 🙂

      Mrs. W and the 2/3’s

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  5. Dear Mrs.Watsons class,

    I have a chocolate lab and you are right they are very loyal! In class we are reading fudge a mania my favorite part is when Jimmey fargo says bonjor stuped lol ! Do you have a state book cause we don`t 🙁


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  8. Dear Mrs.Watson and the 2/3’s,

    I voted for the German Shepard because I think that it would be a nice Provinical Dog.

    I voted for fruit salad because fruit salads are delicious.


  9. Dear Mrs. Watson’s 2 3 class,

    I voted for the German Shepherd because ,they are my favorite kind of dog.And they are guard dogs. They also have a very nice fur coat.

    I voted for the Man arch butterfly because, they are dazzling. They are so very beautiful, and they are very cool looking.

    I voted for Nanaimo Bars because they sounded good. And I would like to try them.

    Ariel( IN Mr. Avery’s class)

  10. Dear Mrs.Watson and class,

    I voted for the Black lab because Black labs are always there for you and they also seem like there are always there for you in Santola!

    I also voted for pumpkin pie because i it just feels like it fits santola and BC.

    Lastly I voted for the beetle it also just came to me like the others.


  11. Dear Mike K,
    Thank you for the comment. I love fruit salad because it is healthy. I love the Golden Retreiver because they help people. Once my Granny had a Golden Retreiver, but he died. Do you have dog? I do, his name is Tayo.

    From your friend,
    Jordan in Mrs. W’s 2/3 class

  12. Dear Ariel,
    Thanks for the comment. So you voted for the German Shepherd. I voted for the British bulldog because it has the word British in it just like British Columbia.
    So for the dessert you voted for the Nanaimo Bars thats what I voted for too. And for the bug you voted for the Monarch butterfly, I voted fot the Beetle.

    Your friend,
    Justin in Mrs. W’s 2/3 Class

  13. Dear Jordan,

    I do not have any pets. I wish I did. I like fruit salad too. I am sorry for your Granny’s loss.:( How is Tayo? I hope that he is doing well.

    Mike K.& diams;:mrgreen:;)

    • Dear Mike.K,

      Thank you for the comennt. Tayo is doing good. We got cats so Tayo is still getting use to us getting them!

      They are only 7 weeks old! I have a lizard, dog, fish, and cats.

      What do you like most dogs or cats?
      Do you like dogs?
      Talk to you soon have a good day.

      Your friend Jordan in Mrs Watson’s2/3 class.
      P.S I hope that one day you can get a dog or a cat.

      • Dear Jordan,

        I am so glad to be your quadblogging Buddy. You must have a lot of pets. You are so lucky! Your cats must be extremely cute. What are your cats names? Are they cute? Haw many cats do you have? I know that I will never get a dog or cat. What is your lizard’s name?

        From your quadblogging buddy,
        Mike K 😉
        Mr Avery’s class

  14. Dear Ashley,
    I voted for the British Bulldog because is has the word British like British Columbia.
    I voted for Nanaimo Bars because Nanaimo is in B.C.
    I voted for the Monark butterfly because they are in B.C

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