Where the Wild Things Are!

We have a lot going on in our classroom right now.  We are making Common Craft style videos about the water cycle, the science fair is less than 3 weeks away, and we only have a week of school before spring break.    Mrs. Watson told us we might not have art Friday because there was so much going on, but after the cries of, “Noooo!” and the sobbing stopped she changed her mind and boy did we have fun.

We read the story Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak and then we made our own wild things.  This coming week we are going to make a mural for them to live in.  The idea for this lesson came from Deep Space Sparkle.

21 thoughts on “Where the Wild Things Are!

  1. Nobody is so ‘wild’ that they would cancel Mrs Watson’s ART lesson! Glad you protested chaps, I also like Mrs Pickle Pants, she is very much like my big sister!
    Boris Sendak created some interesting things. Some time ago, I took a class out into the woods and we made ‘Wild Things’ out of things we found there that had fallen to the floor, then we photographed what we had made. We had a great time. When we returned a few weeks later they had run away! The artist to look at for working in natural materials is Andy Goldsworthy.
    We are creating a talking sheep at the moment on our blog. Mr Salsich has the fantastic ‘Juan Pablo’, if you have not seen him please go there. We are playing with photo animation. You might like to pass by and leave a comment, or even better enter a name in our wallwisher competition. However I know you’re busy and need to keep an eye on tricky Mrs Watson, so that you get your full measure of Friday art lessons.
    Lovely work.

    Mr E

  2. What fantastic wild things and some great names to go with them – you really looked as if you were having great fun creating them!

  3. Dear Patty,
    Thank you so much for visiting our blog again. We love DeepSpaceSparkle and all the wonderful art lessons you share with your readers! Friday morning is one of our favourite days of the week because we get to do art. We look forward to seeing all the new lessons you will post that we might get to try.

    Mrs. W and the2/3’s

  4. Dear Mr.E,
    We had a good chuckle reading your comment this morning! The kids thought the part about protesting was so funny.

    We also really loved that you made wild things out in the woods and we had fun thinking about where they might have gone! We would like to give that a try in our woods. We’ll also have to check out the artist you mentioned.

    We love Juan Pablo. He makes us laugh! We think it is so cool that you have a talking shepp and we have thought up some great names. We’ll post them on your blog.

    Your friends,
    Mrs. W and the 2/3’s

  5. Your wild things are wild! Where the Wild Things Are is one of my favorite books to use for an elaboration lesson in narrative writing. Have any of you written a narrative story using one of your wild things as the character? Could you use descriptive language so that someone else would be able to draw your wild thing? My students love art class too.

    I am glad you persuaded Mrs. W to let you keep that art lesson!
    Mrs. Yammine

    • Dear Mrs. Yammine,
      Thanks for the fantastic writing idea! I can just imagine the wonderful stories the students could write starring their wild things. Once they read your comment they may want to do just that! I’m not surprised that the Super Stars are big art fans too! It is definitely one of my favourite times each week.

      Mrs. W

  6. Dear Mrs watson’s class,

    I love your wild things. It’s a great book and your art work is wonderful. The students in 3DD love to create art work too. You should see the wonderful dry pastel drawings they have done of Tashi.We looked at a video of Kim Gamble, who illustrates the Tashi books. He was drawing a picture for one of the books and he explained his technique. Then we all tried to do something similar. The pictures turned out really well. Maybe we could do a post about it.
    Keep up the good work,
    Mrs de Vries

  7. Dear Mrs Watson’s Class,

    I liked the pictures you made. I liked the one named Scary. I admite I was scared when I saw it. I nerlly fell out of my seat.

    From your friend,

  8. Dear,Mrs Watson

    What who is your favorite artist? Tell your class they did a great job! My favorite artist is Vincent Van Goggh. Do you know who he is? In third grade i made a his bridge drawling! Did you know that he did not get money for his paintings till he died?

  9. Hi Mrs. Watson and the 2/3s!

    Thank you for all your wonderful comments on our blog so far this week. We are so excited to be Skyping with you! Today we looked at where you live on Google Earth. We noticed it looks different than where we live because you’re completely surrounded by water! I can’t wait to learn more about you.

    I also can’t wait to see your Common Craft style water cycle videos. They’re going to be great!

    Your Wild Things turned out amazing. I could see many of you drew your inspiration from the story. Great job!

    Your Quad Blogging buddy,
    Mr. Avery

  10. Dear Mrs Watson and Class,
    Awesome post.
    I have watched the movie where the wild things are. It was fantastic.

    I liked it so much I got the movie.

    I also liked your Animoto.

    I have got my own blog. Here is the link if you would like to check it out.


    Hope you like checking it out.

    From Bianca in 3DD.

  11. Dear Mrs. Watson and the 2/3’s,

    Oh, I love it! The 2/3 have become such incredible artists! I will be forwarding the link for this post to our school’s art teacher. I think she would very much enjoy seeing your Animoto with all of your creations. I can’t wait to see where your “Wild Things” will live!

    From your fan,
    Mrs. Moore 🙂

    (I am also excited to see your Common Craft style water cycle video. It will be just in time for spring studies.)

  12. Dear 2/3 class,
    Very good pictures and creative names. I think you all did a great job. You are all great artist. I liked the panting it was all very fancy.

    Marshall :mrgeen:

  13. I like your pitchers they were intriguing and crepe!! I really like art to. I think we have spuming in commin


  14. Dear Mrs. Watson and class,
    The pictures were great. I really liked them all. You are all great artist. I especially liked Miss Pickle Pants. I liked them all. But that was my favorite one.
    It looked cool. I hope you all are proud. Keep up the great work.

    • Dear Jenna,

      Thank you for the awesome comment. I got the idea of Mrs Pikcle Pants from my favourite cousin Kennedy. What was your seconed favourite? My favourite was Araog.


  15. Dear Mrs. Watsons 2/3 class,

    I loved the post it was amazing! I loved the background music. I can’t pick a favorite they’re all so creative , funny and very nice. Mrs Prickle Pants was a very funny name.

    Hope you can write back,
    Best wishes
    Ariel ( in Mr. Avery’s class)

    • Dear Ariel,

      Thank you so much for the comment:) What did you like about all the wild things? I like that they are all different. What was your seconed favourite? My second was Araog.


  16. Dear 3DD,
    The wild things are painted out with wash paint. Most of them are very funny and most of them have horns. Do think the wild things are funny? We drew them with a black crayon so when we painted them with wash paint the crayon could see through. Do you do art with wash paint? When we do art with wash paint we always use black crayon to draw it first. Keep the great work:).

    From Jenny in Mrs.W’s 2/3 class.

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