We Know Our Doubles, Doubles!

We absolutely love Ron Brown’s songs for learning math concepts! We sing songs to help us with skip counting, learning number facts, odds and evens, tallying, greater than and less than, and many other concepts. This video shows us singing and dancing to a great song for learning your double facts.

10 thoughts on “We Know Our Doubles, Doubles!

  1. FABULOUS! You are all terrific and should be proud. I will show this to my daughter so she can dance along with your video and learn her doubles. She’ll love it. Keep up the great work.

    • Dear Mme Veilleux,
      Thank you so much for the nice comment you left us! We love to sing and the doubles song has really helped us to learn our facts.

      Mrs. W and the 2/3’s

  2. Dear Mrs.Wotson’s 2 3 class

    I remember when I was still in that class and sung that song and danced that dance
    It was super fun I hope all of the grade 23 enjoy the harder homework.
    Do the grade 23’s think there work is hared. I think mine is hard in grade 4.

    Have fun in class on Monday all of you
    From Charlize

  3. Hi Mrs. Watson /3 class,

    I was very impressed with your clever way of learning doubles facts. I think I will need to show my 2T class just how beautifully you sing and recite your doubles facts.

    I would be very interested in getting hold of the CD by Ron Brown. What is the title of the CD you used?

    Keep up the wonderful singing and learning.
    From Ms. Tieppo

    • Hello Ms. Tieppo,
      Thank you so much for visiting our blog and leaving us a comment. We love singing and dancing to learn concepts in math. It is a lot of fun and it helps us to remember them better.
      The doubles song is on the CD Math Concepts 1 & 2 .

      We hope your class enjoys singing the song too 🙂

      Mrs. W and the 2/3’s

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