Our First Science Fair

Today was an absolutely amazing day!  We were extremely excited to be participating in our first science fair.  We  worked very hard on our projects and it was wonderful to have the chance to share them with our friends, our families, and the judges.  Mrs. Watson was so proud of us and the judges commented on how excited we were about science and how fabulous we all did.  We are already thinking about projects we might want to do next year!

Here’s a peek inside the science fair:

A closer look at our projects:

Congratulations to Sahara, Niall, Justin, and Silkence, in grade 3, who will be going on to the Regional Science Fair next week.  Three grade 2’s, Sophie, Mia, and Nola,  will also be taking their projects to display (judging is only for grades 3-12 at the Regional Science Fair).  The whole class will be attending the Regionals next week to support our classmates and to see all the amazing science projects from the other students in our school district.  Look for a post about the Regionals next weekend 🙂

A special thank you to the judges for helping to make today so special and to our parents for all their support!

Have you ever participated in a science fair before?  What was your project?

Grade 2/3’s, what project ideas do you have for next year?

17 thoughts on “Our First Science Fair

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  4. Dear Mrs. Watson and class,

    I think that everyones projects look great! We never got to have a science fair:(. I don’t think that I could do those things. Because they look like everyone put hard work in it! And they look awesome. Did everyone make up there projects? If they did then please right back. And if they didn’t please right back also.

    Your Friend,
    Heston H.

    Mr. Avery’s class

  5. Dear Mrs. Watson and 2/3’s,

    Your Science Fair looks amazing! The Techie Kids will be very excited to take a peek next week when we return from spring break. I can tell that you all worked so hard on your projects! Each of you had to practice your speaking skills too. Well done! I’m sure that everyone at the Science Fair learned so much from each of you. Good luck to Sahara, Niall, Justin, and Silkence! (Sophie, Mia, and Nola too! 🙂 ) It is so wonderful to share your learning with others. I can’t wait to see your next post about Regionals!

    Your buddy,
    Mrs. M❀❀re

    • Dear Mrs Moore,
      Thanks for the comment. I loved the Science Fair. I did “Cup of lava”. Has your class ever had a Science Fair? I liked all of the science projects.:) I really can’t wait until the Regionals:)
      Your friend

    • Dear Mrs Moor

      I bet we all will like it, thank you. I did growing crystals. It worked very well. I grew sugar, borax, epsom salt, and combo. Good bye.

      from Brooklynn 🙂

      • Dear Justin and Brooklynn,

        Thank you for replying! Wow, lava in a cup and growing your own crystals sounds like so much fun. 🙂 We have not had a Science Fair at our school before. We do have an after school Science class for students to join. The third graders have a lot of fun with their experiments! I’m heading over to check out your Regional Science Fair post right now. 🙂

        Your buddy,
        Mrs. M❀❀re

  6. Dear Mrs. Watson,

    Thank you for sharing your science fair projects. The kids did a nice job, and there was such a variety of projects! I tried a science fair for the first time this year with my second graders. We did a science fair on Matter. It was called, “It Matters to Us!” The kids were responsible for typing up all the parts of the scientific method to put on their boards. The kids worked in pairs to recreate our experiments or our inquiry lessons, and to explain and demonstrate them to the visitors. It was awesome! We invited parents and the rest of the school to view their displays throughout the day. The kids were very proud of their work, and they were very well spoken as they explained the science information that they learned during our unit! It was a great experience, and I look forward to doing it again next year!

    Mrs. Doling

  7. Dear Heston,
    I made up my project it is string phone with 3 cups instead of 2. Too bad you don’t have any Science Fairs. 🙁

    From Fay in Mrs. Watson’s 2/3 Class

  8. Dear Mrs. Watson’s class,
    Thank you for sharing the science fair with us. In our school, we have a Geography fair for the sixth grade. My sister is in sixth grade. We have lunch and recess together. In fourth grade we have a biography museum, we have to pick somebody and do a report on that person. My sister did Phillis Wheatley. She wrote famous poems and she was a slave. Can you tell me more about the science fair?

    Natalie S. 🙂 :mrgreen:

    • Dear Natalie,
      Thanks for leaving a wonderful comment for our class. If you want to know about science fair I could tell you some of it.1.First we put down lots of project that you might want to choose than when you choose a project that you want to do you put a star on it we do that in our class.
      I think it is cool that you’ve got a museum when you’re grade 4. How does the museum looks like and what kind of things does it have in the museum?
      Is there’s any animals in the museum?

      From Jenny in Mrs.W’s 2\3 class:H :0 🙂

  9. Dear Fay,

    Thank you for writing back to me! I think your project was very creative and it looked great:). I think it is creative that you did 3 cups instead of 2. How did you do that?

    Your Friend,

  10. Dear Heston,
    This is how I made the string phone with 3 cups.

    # 1. Cut 2 pairs of three meter string.

    # 2. Stick the kite string through the sewing needle and tie a knot on the end of the string then push it from the inside of the yogurt container to the outside.

    # 3. Now stick the needle though the other container from the outside to the inside and tie a knot.

    # 4. Take the other piece of string and stick it in the sewing needle tie a knot at the end of it and push it from the inside to the outside now tie it to the other string.

    # 5. Test it.

    So that’s what I did.

    Fay in Mrs.W’s 2/3 class

    • Dear Fay,

      That’s really cool! It seems like a lot of work was it? Ya I don’t think that I could do that 🙁 . When you Tested it did did it work? Well when I saw it it looked really cool no lie! Well please wright back to me.

      Your Friend,

      Mr.Avery’s class:):(

  11. Dear Watson’s class,
    The science fair looks so fun! When did you do the sciece fair? What did the winners do for a science project?

    Natalie :mrgreen:
    Mr. Avery’s class

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