Tints and Shades

We had a wonderful morning painting and exploring tints and shades. The students experimented with adding white and black to red a little at a time.

Shades and Tints on PhotoPeach

Next we drew cityscapes to practise our new skill. The students drew very interesting buildings! Once our cities were complete the fun began. Each child chose one colour for their palette and added black and white to make tints and shades of the colour. The finished products look amazing!

The Finished Product on PhotoPeach

This is another lesson from Art Lessons For Kids.

9 thoughts on “Tints and Shades

  1. Dear Mrs Watson and the 2/3’s,

    You really must enjoy learning all about art! Do you? I love your 2 slideshows. I will try to leave heaps of comments on your blog. What are Tints? I know what Shades are! I have a blog too. I have checked out some of the student blogs and am going to leave a comment.

    My favourite colour is purple but in the experiment I would do it in Light Blue. What is your favourite colour and what colour did you do in your experiment?

    Talk Soon,

    Skye ♥

  2. Dear Skye,
    Thank you for your great comment! We always look forward to them. 🙂

    We really love art. It is our favourite way to spend our Friday mornings. I think everyone looks forward to it. Shades are made when you add black to a colour and tints are made when you add white.

    I will ask the students about their favourite colours tomorrow at school. I can never choose a favourite. I love all the colours and the ones I like best change day to day.

    I know my students will be very excited to find comments from you on their blogs! I will show them how to visit your blog too.

    Hope you have a wonderful week,

    Mrs. W

  3. Dear Mrs Watson and class,

    Wow that activity sounds like a lot of fun!!! Miss Jordan announces the three people that get their own blog today how exiting!!
    I can’t wait until our project!!

    Jazmin from 2KJ

  4. Dear Mrs Watson and the 2/3,

    All the artwork is really good even fabouls. I really like mixing colours because, it’s fun to see what colours you get.

    I have some questions for you:
    Did you like mixing colour?
    Why do you like mixing colours?
    Do you like to experiments?

    I sure like to do experiments. 🙂

    Your friend Emily

    • Dear Emily,
      Thank you for leaving us a comment. We all had lots of fun mixing colours. It is always fun to see all the beautiful colours you can create! We love experiments too. It is neat when the results are unexpected. Do you have a favourite experiment?

      Mrs. W

  5. Dear Mrs Watson and the 2/3’s,

    I just watched the videos I realy liked the finishing product, I’m going to do some tints and shades tonight.

    Once my mum has done a really good one it make orange. I love doing tints and shades.

    I think you guys are star bloggers.

    From your bogging buddy Dylan in 2KJ

    • Dear Dylan,

      Thank you so much for leaving us a comment. The students in 2KJ have been very busy blogging! 🙂

      How did your art project at home go? Mixing shades and tints of colours is fun.

      Would love to hear how it went,

      Mrs. W

    • Hi Grace and Bryanna,

      Thank you so much for leaving us a comment on our blog. Friday mornings are one of our favourite times because we love doing art. We painted the scarecrows with tempera paint.

      Mrs. W and the 2/3’s

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