7 thoughts on “Chick Pics II

  1. Dear Mrs Watson and the 1/2/3s,

    We loved seeing the video of your gorgeous little baby chicks!!! What are their names? What do you do to look after them?

    It sounds like you all had a super Spring break! Your activities sound like so much fun.

    Miss Jordan will go and visit her family in the Grampians for her Easter break. Kealee is going to visit her cousins to see the fireworks. Skye will have an Easter barbeque with her family. A few of us are going camping and some of us might go interstate for the holidays.

    Wow, your big Easter Egg hunt sounds amazing!! We hope you all find lots of eggs! Here in Leopold at the football ground, there is an Easter Egg hunt for the kids in the town. There is a barbeque dinner afterwards.

    We hope you’ve had a great first week back! We only have one more week until our holidays!

    Talk to you soon,

    From your friends, Miss Jordan and 2KJ.

  2. I just found your blog and we are a grade three class in Lethbridge Alberta. We are hatching our Chicks on Monday. It would be neat to connect up out two classes either with skype or maybe my kids could comment you guys.

    • Dear Ms. Prawdzik and the Grade 3’s,
      Thanks for checking out our blog. You must be so excited about the chicks! We hope that our chicks will be back soon. They hatched just before Spring Break and so they had to go be looked after somewhere else over the holiday. Finding a way for our classes to connect sounds like a great idea. We would like to Skype, but Mrs. Watson has to get us a webcam and get set-up. Could you tell us a bit about your school?

      We hope to hear from you soon,
      Mrs. W and the 1/2/3’s

  3. Hi This is Graham calling from Winnipeg.
    How many chicks are born?
    How are the chicks named after Mykyla & me doing?
    How was your Spring Break?
    We played in the snow and made a snow house and a snowman.
    The snow has now melted.
    The have gone to the zoo, and the museum. We saw a lot of animals at both places. Some of them were bald eagles, tigers, snowy owls, fish, snow cats, flamingos and lots of other birds.
    We learned about “debbie”the polar bear who lived to age 42.
    We went to Pinawa and saw our school. It is made out of red brick. We met our teachers and made a few friends.

  4. Dear Graham,
    We were very excited to get your message!

    17 chicks hatched before Spring Break and 7 more hatched after. They were all doing great, but aren’t at the school right now. They are at Shannon’s house growing big.

    Right now we are hatching tadpoles. Would you like us to name a tadpole after you when they hatch? We could name one Mykyla too.

    On Spring Break we did so many different things. Some of the stuff the class did was: swimming, going to Alberta, sleepovers, pony camp, play dates, walks and hikes, fishing, playing with pets, boat rides, and exploring.

    Some of us are wondering if there are any poisonous snakes there? Was the Polar Bear information at the zoo or the museam. Is Debbie still alive?

    We wonder what the snowman was like and how much snow you had? We wish it would snow here!

    Can you tell us more about your school and new friends? Do they have a website we can look at?

    We really miss you and hope you write us back soon!

    Mrs.W and your friends!

  5. Dear Graham I miss you. We dont have the chicks they are at Shannon’s house.We have tadpoles now.Do you have a pet at school?your friend Jordan write me soon bye.

  6. Dear Mrs Watson and the 1/2/3s,

    Those little chicks are so cute!!! How many are there? How long have you had them for? I wish I had those little baby chicks!!!!

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